Sundae 19/6/11 :: Darren James

At Sundae we like to think we are an important bridge between the cutting edge and the history of house music. Each week exciting new aspects of the sound are heard alongside a deep respect for what came before. In Brisbane, dance music culture was built on the hard work of entrepreneurial street hustlers throwing wild parties in the heyday of naughty business our pretty city was built on. And right in the centre of this shadiness was our guest for this week, Darren James.

Prior to the internet wars of our current nightclub set, parties were promoted hand to hand. Word got around about the best places to find, and get lost at. An all over grittier, more hedonistic outing was to be had at places like The Tube, The Site and Lexington Queen. Darren was right there directing traffic on the floor, and helping to define an era that would break open clubbing in Brisbane.

In addition to throwing his own parties all over town, Darren was called upon to support numerous internationals. The likes of Derrick Carter, Paul Oakenfold, Dave Clarke and John Digweed delivered the post acid house boom to Brisbane via a Darren James introduction. Since then, Darren has diversified his interests into production, Tv and radio, hosting a number of specialist dance shows, and releasing tracks on EMI and Sony, including a redo of Dead or Alive’s ‘You spin me right round.’

We at Sundae are always pleased when our city’s most experienced heads come by to the party. On the cards are refined track selection, deft hands and dancefloor knowledge honed over decades spinning to Brisbane party people. Join us and Darren James this week as we stroll back through some soulful vintage Brisbane house. See you by the riverside.