Sundae 13/11/11 :: Troy De La Roche + Sharif D

As many at the party last week would have realised, the days are getting long now, with the warm sunshine extending well into the evening and creating a sublime backdrop for all the great music that has been going down at Sundae. This week we’re straight back into the fray with a double header of two Brisbane house cats that many will recognise, DJ De La Roche and Sharif D.

Troy De La Roche is a big fan of the outdoor party; he’s been chasing them around the globe, seeking out the perfect sunset at the end of the perfect afternoon, set to the perfect soundtrack. Playing in Panama, Malaysia, Holland, and the US, at events for Red Bull and the Playboy Bunny Tour amongst others, De La Roche has had ample opportunity to refine his funky, deep, disco house selections and now, back home in Brisbane, can let loose a little of that funky business at Sundae. A return visit, he first joined us at the party in August last year, though this will be his first outing as part of his new collaboration with Sharif D, Dirty Polite.

Sharif D is no stranger to our party either; he was seen lurking around our 10th birthday party back in June. It’s no surprise though, Sharif is known locally for unleashing his saxophone at clubs like Zuri, Alhambra, The Met and more, adding the spice to any party he shows up to. His musical talents extend to the keys as well, and sharing production duties with De La Roche in Dirty Polite, together they are recreating disco and house on their terms, from vintage golden sounds to new school future producers, and a shared love of boogie, funk, and soulful, diva house music.

All good things that we like at Sundae, so get yourself together with your friends and we’ll hand over the controls to DJ De La Roche and Sharif D to navigate another great afternoon in the sun at Watt. We’ll see you by the riverside.


Sundae 15/8/10 :: Troy De La Roche

Troy’s been chasing that perfect Sun…Set for many years. From Brisbane to the Gold Coast, at Redbull Events & 5 Star Resorts, overseas in Panama, Malaysia, Holland, Las Vegas, Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Bunny Tour, World Tourism Expo & many more. Troy’s found the perfect sunset right here in Australia where is all started and where better for a sun…set chaser to play than by the river for Sundae Brisbane. Troy’s ability to read a room and always have a handfull crowd pleasing tunes up his sleeve served him well as Press club resident alongside Sundae DJ’s Chantal and Cool Hand Luke. We’ll be bringing the team back together in what were sure will be a great afternoon of music. See you in the Sunshine!