Sundae 3/7/11 :: Vinyl Throwdown

Every now and then, we here at Sundae HQ like to take a step back, review and take stock. Dance music and technology are intertwined and both pushing each other along at a terrific pace. We are all playing USB sticks and trigger pads, but every now and then we like to remember what got us into this crazy business in the first place: records!

There is something about the way records crackle and pop that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe that’s it – warm and fuzzy. Audio nowadays is high resolution, clean soundbites, but at the same time can feel cold and clinical, particularly if the tunes that we like have that warm, funky, gritty feel.

Of course, we appreciate the future, and no doubt Sundae is one of the most forward thinking parties in the city. Each week we showcase great Brisbane talent pushing the boundaries of dance music through all manner of technology, but records are where we all began, and our seasonal Vinyl Throwdown is how we show thanks.

So get in the groove with us! This time around DJ Freestyle and Adrian Matyear join Cool Hand Luke and Chantal to drop a needle on it. The afternoon is the perfect time to review some of our favourite records and spy enviously on each others collections. No doubt you’ll see us flipping through each other’s record bags and hear frequent exclamations of “What is that huge choon!” punctuating the incredible soundtrack that is in store for you.

Join us this Sundae as the crew take you on a trip to a golden era of recorded music, set in the picturesque surrounds of New Farm Park and the Powerhouse, and gilded with the rosy tint of a great afternoon spent with your friends. See you by the riverside.


Sundae 20/2/11 :: DJ Freestyle

DJ Freestyle arrives at Sundae with a resume as long as his lanky arms, which seem to have been cut from the grand design for the specific purpose of warping, folding, and manipulating musical instruments and audio console equipment to elicit a physical human response.

Completely and deeply involved in music, in every possible corner of him, Freestyle has explored hip hop, funk, disco, soul, garage and house music, treading a path in the outer frontiers of the modern club sound that many, many other DJs and producers would later follow.

From his hometown of Brisbane, Freestyle is regarded an experienced hand, from laying out the foundations in the city’s earliest clubs, multiple state DMC titles, to multi genre adaptability across a long list of residencies including Alhambra, Family’s lounge, Press Club, Jade Buddha, appearances at Sundae and Therapy, international set up duties such as his famed Miguel Migs support at Monastery, and his ‘jack-the-tripper’esque warmup for James Curd in Uncle amongst numerous others.

Internationally, Freestyle is regarded a leading player in the house scene, with 40 vinyl releases on forward thinking labels Guesthouse/ Guess Who, Icon Recordings, Brique Rouge, Grab Recordings, Om Records, Shifted Music and so on and so on. His prolific and quality output regularly catches the attention of house luminaries Mark Farina, DJ Mes, JayJ, Chuck Love et al. On both the production front and behind the wheels in the club, Freestyle is respected worldwide for his skilled and genuine people moving abilities.

Don’t miss one of Brisbane’s favourite sons and his famed vinyl bag of musical whoop ass laying it out all afternoon. See you in the sunshine..


Sundae 28/11/10 :: Vinyl Throwdown

Records are where we all came up. From the musty smell in the shop, the cover art, white labels to black label, and then there was lovingly rolling it into the mix for the first time in the club. Some of Brisbane’s top spinners have selected their favourites, and are dusting them off for you! Scott Walker, Anna Sonnenburg, DJ Freestyle, Adrian Matyear, Chantal, Cool Hand Luke and more. We are all bringing a grab bag of funky, groovy and memorable house and garage tunes, so your afternoon is all set for easy going vibes and friendly people by the river.

Well we have been having some interesting weather lately, but that hasn’t stopped the Sundae family from getting out and getting about in their Sunday best. This week though we can assuredly predict tune after tune as Sundae presents our semi-occasional purist day: The Vinyl Throwdown.


Sundae 3/10/10 :: Residents Day

Residents day is a way to bring together those dj’s who’s involvement with Sundae goes deeper than the occasional gig. They are the dj’s we turn to when we need someone we can trust to run the show , those who we turn to for inspiration, those who have been there with support from the very beginning, and of course the dj’s who deliver the perfect Sundae sound time and time again. This time around It’s Adrian Matyear and Colin Russell (DJ Freestyle), both vinyl lovers so expect to see a few big black round thingy’s. They join myself (CoolhandLuke) and Chantal for an afternoon of music and mayhem. . See you in the Sunshine!