Sundae 22/9/13 :: Fergus Alexander

Returning to Sundae after a short adventure through the UK, Fergus Alexander has brought along all the fresh influences found on his travels, and a new enthusiasm for the sport to the controls here at the party. Arriving riverside with all the supplies needed for a terrific afternoon that will see us chilling and illing with an experienced selector at the wheels.

Fergus first came to attention amongst the underground parties of notoriety that traded in whispers of memorable events that had begun to build a loyal community around the dj booths of Brisbane. Joining the fray with his own operation, Logic events would go on to become one Brisbane’s more influential party outfits, responsible for some high quality disco and very very deep house. Of course the usual back and forth saw Fergus appear in the booth for many international warmups and guest duties about town, most recently opening up proceedings at the Barsoma finale and a fine display at Buxton records debut onto the scene at Capulet.

In the down time between busyness, Fergus puts the work in trawling, prospecting for fresh tunes that can keep up with the rest of his bag of deep, groovy and melodic sound workouts. What happens in between the track selection and Fergus casually dropping monster tunes with an ice cold draft in hand is a small mystery we hope we can find out a bit more about this Sundae. Chantal and Cool Hand Luke will be along as well to guide the afternoon into that sweet spot with that warm, lazy funk and disco vibe that gently closes your weekend, or gets it restarted as the case may be. We’ll see you by the riverside.

sundae 130922 fergus 01

Sundae 24/10/10 :: Fergus Alexander

Fergus Alexander brings hi deep electronic funk sounds to Sundae this week in what could be considered his farewell gig before moving to the UK. The sound Fergus has developed is hard to wrap a genre around and as he describes it “t’s deep, its groovy, its funky, its percussive, rhythmic and melodic”. It’s a sound that comes from trawling through new music in search of something and someone fresh, or a re-edit of a “diamond in the rough” to ensure his sets flow as seamlessly as possible.

Also heavily involved through the years as a promoter in the Brisbane scene initially under the united sound system barrier in 2002 and from 2005 as part of the LOGIC events crew hosting a hand picked a-list of internationals dj’s to numerous to mention.

No matter what setting you catch Fergus in, you know you’re going to hear a unique set which sits a little to the left of what DJs X, Y and Z are playing so we are looking forward to hearing his take on the Sundae sunset set. See you in the sunshine!