Sundae 22/5/11 :: James McNeill

At Sundae, we are particularly pleased to meet enthusiastic young DJs who appreciated the sound our guys have been pushing in Brisbane for a long time. Our guest this week, James McNeil has his feet firmly planted in house history, but with with his eye on what’s up ahead.

James first showed his face as a punter and appreciator at the classic superclub house parties that dominated Brisbane at the beginning of the decade. The gravity of what he witnessed was not lost on him, and in short time he was hustling the clubs himself, pushing a funky jacking sound that captured the house attitude at the time.

Since those early beginnings, he has spun out dancers at Empire, Birdees, Chic Boutique, Ruby Tramp, and most recently in the lounge at Family. Sundae is his next stop, and we’re pretty happy to see that the proper house sound is being carried by new faces on the scene. We’ve seen James hanging out at our party recently, eagerly awaiting a chance to drop his own flavour on us. So get in this Sundae to see what he has in store. See you in the sunshine.