Sundae 2/2/14 :: DJ Popshelf

The Sundae family is a ragtag bunch of record collectors and selectors, and we are always welcoming new members of the tribe who have that special attachment to their music and the will to share with our people. This week sees a new initiate arrive at the party with crates of delicious treats that will no doubt endear himself to the faithful, so let’s get to meeting our new arrival, DJ Popshelf.

Collecting music for almost as long as he has been collecting air to breathe, Popshelf is a serious collector. His studio is a tangle of records, cassetes, hard drives, and CDs. Any medium, from any decade. If it’s quality, Popshelf likely has it, the live version, a bootleg and an import. The guy can’t get enough of the good stuff.

With a production background and a history of careful event planning and party design, Popshelf’s unique ability to craft a groovy atmosphere has been picked up by a number of venues around town, including Bowery, Libertine, Brunswick Social and Cobbler. It is hard to pin down what you might hear on any particular night as he drifts from mid century swing and jazz, grooves, hip hop, soul all the way through to glitchy intelligent electronica, and into the four beat with some carefully selected laid back deep house.

Joining Sundae hosts Cool Hand Luke and Chantal for his first visit to Sundae, the afternoon will no doubt be a lazy meander through classy selections all with careful consideration given to the party atmosphere. Join us this week as we welcome DJ Popshelf to the Sundae family. We’ll see you by the riverside.

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