Sundae 17/2/13 :: Sol Vibes

Devoting more than two decades to the art and spreading the sweet soulful sound on both sides of the planet, our guest this week has stayed the course with a devotion to the art that is quite frankly impressive, so let’s not stand on ceremony and introduce to you Sol Vibes.

Born and raised in the hectic Long Island area of New York, Sol Vibes was inducted into the craft by a neighbourhood that was intent on pushing the limits of house, hip hop and techno. In his formative years, he joined the ranks of the New York crews merging music and movement at a time when building their own equipment was the norm. From the earliest beginnings of what is now a modern dance culture, when record was the only input and tape the only output, Sol Vibes added his flavour the emerging scene working both the recording and party scenes, developing the street sound with local MCs, DJs and producers. Quite literally underground, he preferred to play basement parties that ran a high risk of having the door kicked in at any moment before being noticed by the club scene and adding to the Big Apple’s fresh flavour.

Tracing a route that is familiar to many of our expat DJs, upon meeting a cute Australian, he uprooted and brought the business to our shores. Now matured and refined, he still retains the grittiness of his former home, with a more experienced outlook and of course the record collection of a DJ with a lifelong addiction. Pushing a sound that draws from hip hop, soul, funk and house, and presented with a positivity that is positively infectious, Sol Vibes has all the ingredients to make our little party pop.

From basement crates to spinning sunny outdoor plates, our guest this week has put the moves on dancers here and in the US, and now arrives at Sundae for the first time to show us what’s up, and we’re happy to have him. We’ve been told the ‘Sol’ in Sol Vibes stands for ‘Sounds of Life’ and we don’t doubt it. Join us this week as welcome him to our party