Sundae International 22/2/14 :: Terrance Parker [Detroit]

Brisbane has seen an influx of high profile visitors in recent times, though none so readily received as house music legend Terrence Parker. The last time Terrence played Brisbane was a crazy affair, with the faithful showing out to welcome this iconic artist to our little town. So we urge you, if you are serious about your dance music, get serious about this. And for those just dipping their toes in, here’s a little primer.

Detroit, 1988. The motor city already has a place in music history with an extensive list of musicians, particularly soul artists hailing from the industrial outpost. Enter a new breed of artist: forward thinking. respectful of vintage, but not content to stay in one place. Detroit’s musical underground are experimenting with electronics and publishing the results on what is now some of the most sought after vinyl in the world. Although now primarily known for the output of it’s techno artists, Detroit has a strong house scene as well, and no doubt DJs were trading licks in this melting pot of dance music.

Our guest Terrence Parker was there at the beginning. For more than a quarter century now, clubs worldwide have been taking dance lessons from this individual and creative DJ. Terrence has shaped the sound of dance music around the globe both through his inimitable mixing style in the club, or his groundbreaking work in the studio. Recognised immediately both by his unique choice of headphone: the handset of a Bell-era rotary dial phone, and the soulful stomping style he has developed over decades in the clubs.

With more than 100 released recordings under his belt, Terrence Parker is a studio master too. Classic records such as “Love’s got me High,” “The Question” and “Detroit After Dark,” highlight his influence on the current state of dance music, while deeper inspection of his back catalogue reveal a serious DJ and producer with a lifelong love of the club. Crossing soulful, deep house with a gospel upbring and the industrial machinations of the motor city have shaped a chugging, ground hugging deep house style that is uplifting and refreshing.

Terrence has made his way around the planet, spinning in more than 150 cities, and thankfully, he is returning to Brisbane. As we mentioned the last time he was here was a special night, filled with memorable tunes mixed by a master. On hand to support are local heroes Chantal and Cool Hand Luke, setting up what will no doubt be an extraordinary night for house music fans. In a new venue for this special night, we will be taking over the Fish Lane Studios at the Fox Hotel on Saturday 22nd February. Terrence Parker is ringing. Answer the call.