Sundae 21/8/11 :: Brett J + Zach Salar

Out and about in our fair city, we find ourselves amongst good company all about the place. There is a strong group of musicians and DJs, all very friendly, and all great at what they do. Through the month of August we’re opening up the decks to some renowned Brisbane partnerships, friends and musical co-conspirators who are particular close, in sound and sensibility, who compliment and challenge each other, and if nothing else, can keep each other line. This week we sit down with Zach Salar and Brett J.

Both Zach and Brett are no stranger to the late night party, each arriving by a different route but both have built on a genuine love for house music, technical proficiency at the mixer, and a dedication to the wellbeing of the dancer. Together they share a drive to deliver maximum effect to the party, and encouraging the associated big smiles, arms in the air and lost marbles that are the hallmarks of a well trained deck technician in their element. Between the two of them, they have brought this effervescence to GPO, Ahlambra, Monastery, Barsoma, and indeed each have turned out a soulful afternoon session for us here at Sundae.

Not enough to find themselves at all the city’s hotspots over the weekend, the boys put together a broadcast during the week to keep in touch with their fans, at the time the first of its kind in Brisbane. Each week, the Nightvision podcast attracted thousands of listeners, eager to hear Brett and Zach’s particular slice of Brisbane dance music flavour, and keep up to date with their fresh and forthright take on the state of the house sound in our little city.

This week at Sundae finds us in the company of another pair of skilled spinners that shared a house at some point, or at the very least spend enough time hanging out that they are comfortable taking noise complaints from the neighbours. Zach Salar and Brett J drop by to drop in some funk filled afterhours sound crossing deep house, disco and other good vibes. So come and get amongst the usual good cheer of a lazy afternoon with the sublime Sundae sound. See you by the riverside.



Sundae 16/1/11 :: Andy Ward [UK/Soul Central]

As summer is only just arriving in Brisbane this will surely see the release of pent up holiday tension while also providing a cracking start to the new year for the Sundae faithful. Get down early to reserve your real estate. We’ll see you in the sunshine.

From an early start in the Birmingham rave scene in the early 90’s, Andy Ward has established himself as one of the keenest vinyl pushers on the planet. His early years found him traipsing all over the English countryside, with record bag in tow, turning up on the doorstep of seminal clubs Cream, Back to Basics, and Miss Moneypennys, before finding his home at Ministry of Sound’s Soul Heaven night.

From the very epicentre of the dance music world, Andy carved a six year residency pushing funky soulful business week in week out, both ensuring his credentials as an expert dj, and endearing him to thousands of fans. Drawing on a variety of influences, from early Chicago house to banging rave anthems, Andy helped define a sound that was both refreshing and timeless. Rare grooves were bouncing off mechanical tones, while lush vocals brought the sexy, and solid basslines brought the oomph. Over time, the sound became more refined, and before long Ibiza and Europe took up his unique perspective on the dancefloor dynamics.

In between all this airport hopping, Andy found time to get down in the studio with Timmy Vegas as ‘Soul Central’ further cementing his position as an expert soul provider whilst also punching out releases under his own name.

Andy’s visit to Brisbane this time around, while short, will see him take to both club and afterparty, first visiting our friends at Alhambra, before joining us this Sundae for a special sunset selection at Brisbane’s home of laidback. Joining Andy Ward, are Brett J and Zach Salar of Nightvision, and of course Cool Hand Luke.


Sundae 18/4/10 :: Zach Salar

A good bloke with a proper smile originally from Melbourne Zach Salar moved to Brisbane embracing it with fresh faced eagerness and the do it yourself attitude of our fair city. Zach’s club sound crosses deep, tech and minimal but is well known for his love of the funky, soulful and classic side of the house sound so anything could happen this Sundae with him at the decks. He represents the forefront of a new breed of dj and promoter utilising technology to it’s full. His wildly popular Nightvision podcast has set about educating Brisbane clubbers with a fresh take on music presentation, and in the process has drawn significant attention to the quality of Brisbane’s local DJs. Be sure to keep an eye on this young gun for we’re sure more surprises and a bright future is ahead! See you in the sunshine!